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Entrepreneurship is difficult. How should Entrepreneur handle a Bad Day

January 16, 2019 by Team Instabizfilings

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Hi, I am Bhavesh Desai, Founder-Director of business solutions platform I have been through the 9 to 6PM grind for a decade and thereafter have spent over a decade and over as an entrepreneur seeing and experiencing the prism from both sides.


Have had some really successful stints and and equal number of failures. Without an afterthought let me tell you that entrepreneurship is the ultimate high any individual can experience in his or her lifetime.


Entrepreneurship borders on edge of Insanity most days but the thrill of creation is too much of an addiction to let go. In this writeup I wish to treat a small but vital item known as ‘bad day’ which tends to be routine in the life of a business owner. I wish to bring an unfiltered ringside view on how to go about handling a bad day and how if you respond to it using the tips I am sharing below, you could possibly turn it into a something valuable as well.


Well, if you have read until here, surely you are looking forward to reading the pearls of wisdom I have to offer you. Read on!


Here are five tips to turn bad day into a valuable and epic day.


First one is Get Perspective.

This is a powerful word in retrospect and if understood in its entirety can change any negative thoughts into a positive one. It reminds us that every situation could have been much worser and therefore we must count our blessings each day. Every individual should take a pause and understand the world order about how over half the world’s population lives life earning between $1-2 each day, and thereby how blessed they are. A balanced perspective could possibly turn the  current bad day situation into a much better zone.


Second is Pivot what’s the opportunity here (WTOH),

Let’s just say you are stuck in traffic and have difficulty getting to pick up your date for your  dinner date. Maybe you have bad day due to fight with a family member, or you have not got to your budgeted sales as expected, if these kind of situations have you in a bind, you should simply WTOH, which allow you to pivot,


Explore what’s the opportunity, this will help you to hunt for a better future outcome. For instance you ask yourselves WTOH, when you fight with some family member, see what’s the opportunity here, learn forgiveness, understanding family members better, better communication, stop instant reaction and see the change. In a similar manner with every bad day you can slice out opportunity.


Third tip is Pharmacy,

When I have a difficult or a bad day, I get out, ride my car and travel to the woods. There I then just walk and take in the serenity, fresh air, natures sound and smells and these create neuro transmission in my brain. I come back with renewed energy and better mind frame.


Often times I just go for cycling, go for yoga, for walk, jumping jacks where no one is looking, helping create pharmacy in my brain thereby aiding neuro biological happiness hormones. Most days after work you feel different, when you have a bad day. The simple solution is to go for a walk and get oxygen to your brain to remove toxicity. Simple hack isn’t it - change the current situation, place and move on.


Fourth tip is Pages,

Get into the habit of writing and journaling. I recommend open a journal and turn to fresh white page and pour your frustrations, thoughts, wishes and others with honesty. This activity does something powerful and notice it bring changes around you.


If you have feeling of anger, sadness, disappointment, lower energy feeling and you bottle them up inside you, it would bring in toxicity, frustration and low productivity.


Trust me what I am sharing you is a very effective hack. Be a friend with journaling daily and write your feelings and this will create good positive vibes.


Fifth tip is Planet,

The understanding that we are all but one with the Planet(nature) is very important for all of us. Being one with nature is life and is therefore a sweet recovery method. Go for walking in a park or on beach, near ocean, where animals are grazing. When you go out in nature, it grounds and anchors you.


When you connect with nature, what does it do?


It gives you a recovery method and gives fresh energy. You feel that you are part of something bigger than you and may be channelizes your bad day taking you to good place.


Life really is so incredible and beautiful and happens the way you steer it. Bad day is nothing but bad and false mind systems judging it as bad.


Those who are experts in steering their emotions and feelings, no matter what the situation is, they are able to be positive, optimistic, inspired and when difficulty arises, they see a silver lining.


They take these situations as challenges and keep rising further and further in their lives. On the other hand, those who get entangled in the cobwebs of their emotions with any negative happenings they keep repeating and replaying it like broken record in their mind and consequently they feel dejected and depressed and become ineffective in their work.


Power of positive thoughts, when you travel by car to pass time sometimes you listen to a radio station. You have multiple options you can listen to, viz stations that are transmitting western music, or Indian classical, or station broadcasting news, taking about weather etc.


Similarly, we have with in us two broadcasting station, one is Radio P and Radio N. Radio P is the channel within us that talk to us positively, and Radio N is our own channel that give us negative message.


Option in your hand the way you talk to yourself about it, makes such a vast difference in your outcomes is stark. The interesting thing is that the station which we repeatedly choose and get logged into, if constantly is listening to negativity, your mind develops a taste for it.


Those who are intelligent or are mentored right realize their happiness and positivity depends on the way they talk to themselves.


Here’s and example from the past. Take a look at the greater innovator Thomas Alwa Edison, he has 1093 American patents to his credit. Thomas Edison was not born a genius, he was poor performer in school, his teacher called his mother to school and said your tommy is too stupid, and I can’t teach him, take him home.


Thomas Edison’s mother said my child is not stupid, I will teach him, he was home schooled and when he became a young man, he started selling items on train to contribute to his household income. He was almost deaf in his left ear. The manager of the local Telegraph office pleased with him for helping his daughter gave him a break and he began working with telegraph office and after which Thomas never looked back.


A reporter much later asked him Mr. Edison were you unhappy because you were deaf and can’t hear.


Look at the positive attitude of Mr. Edison’s reply. He replied ‘my external ears are closed but I have my inner ears open, using which I have received number of ideas and inventions, which enriched me’


Success requires first of all understanding the differentiation of beneficial and negative attitudes. Secondly thereafter the exercise of our free will to choose these beneficial attitudes, and thirdly repetition of those until they become automatic to us and become our second nature.


Hope you gained good practical insights and can use them in your day-to-day lifestyle immensely. Follow us to get your success capsule regularly.


Good Luck!!

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