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Features of Making Payment on Voluntary Basis (Form GST DRC-03)

September 14, 2019 by Team Instabizfilings

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During the course of filing GST Return, a taxpayer may discover additional tax liabilities that tax payer needs to pay. GST tax portal has the provision that allows you to do so. “There is a section in the GST portal that talks about user services. There you need to choose DRC 03 and then opt for annual returns.


You can use this to make any additional tax deposits, but need to ensure you have sufficient funds in your electronic cash ledger while using this form to make any additional.

1. Making Voluntary Payment on GST Portal: A facility is given to taxpayers to make payment on voluntary basis, through Form GST DRC-03 (refer Rule 142(2) or 142(3) of the CGST Rules, 2017). Login into GST Portal and navigate to Services > User Services > My Applications and Select the Intimation of Voluntary Payment - DRC – 03, from the Application Type drop-down list.


2. When to make Payment Voluntary Payment: Payment can be voluntarily made by taxpayer for a self-ascertained liability or in response to the show cause notice (SCN) raised by the tax authorities, u/s 73 or 74 of the CGST Act, 2017, within 30 days of issuance of SCN or even before issuance of the SCN.


3. Partial Payment not allowed: GST Portal does not allow for making partial payments of the amount stated in the SCN.


4. Cause of Payment: Payments through Form GST DRC-03 can be made for any causes like Audit, Investigation, Voluntary Payment, SCN, Annual Return, Reconciliation Statement or Others.


5. Saving Draft DRC 03 Application: Draft of Application for intimation of voluntary payment can be saved for a maximum period of 15 days. If the same is not filed within 15 days, the saved draft will be purged. To view the saved application, navigate to Services > User Services > My Saved Applications option.


6. Using Payment Reference Number: If payment has been made and payment reference number (PRN) has been generated, but application in Form GST DRC-03 has not been filed, then in such cases, application available in ‘My Saved Applications’ need to be selected and using PRN already generated, it may be filed. However, if a period of fifteen days has elapsed, then, details in Form need to be filled up again. PRN generated already can be used for filing the application.


7. Filing Form GST DRC 03: Taxpayers are required to file Form GST DRC-03 using DSC or EVC, as the case may be, after making payment. The status will change to “Pending for approval by Tax officer”. However, it may be noted that, no approval of tax officer is needed on earlier application, while making another voluntary payment using FORM GST DRC 03.


8. Acknowledgment by Tax Official: Upon filing of Form GST DRC-03, the tax officer will issue an Acknowledgement in Form GST DRC-04(Acknowledgement of Acceptance of voluntary payment). There is no bar on making another payment on voluntary basis by a taxpayer, pending issuance of acknowledgement by the tax officer.

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