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Director Identification Number Director KYC DIR-3 KYC

Simplifying Director KYC with Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web)

June 30, 2023 by Team Instabizfilings

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As a director, understanding the requirements and procedures for filing Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web) is essential to ensure compliance with the Companies Act in India. This comprehensive guide is designed to simplify the process for directors seeking to validate their KYC details. Divided into four sections, we will explore the laws governing the webform, accessing the application, instructions for filling the webform, and key points for a successful submission.


PART I – Law(s) governing the webform

The Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web) serves the purpose of verifying director's KYC details under Rule 12A of the Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014. Every individual holding a Director Identification Number (DIN) as of 31st March of a financial year must file this form to validate and confirm KYC details existing in the MCA21 database. It is crucial to note that this service allows verification of existing details only and does not permit information updates. For any required updates, applicants must use eForm 'Form No. DIR-3-KYC' instead of this service.


1.1 Purpose of the webform

The primary objective of Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web) is to simplify the verification process of director's KYC details. Filing this form is mandatory for all directors who hold a DIN as of 31st March of a financial year. The form should be submitted to the central government on or before 30th September of the immediate next financial year. This ensures the accuracy and validity of the director's KYC information in the MCA21 database.


1.2 Important Check Points while filling up the webform

Before filling the online application webform, directors should keep several crucial points in mind to ensure successful submission:

Read instructions and guidelines carefully before filling the webform.

Ensure registration as a business/registered user on the MCA portal.

Have a valid mobile number and email ID registered on the MCA portal against the DIN.

Possess a valid DIN with the status of 'Approved,' 'Disqualified,' or 'Deactivated' due to non-filing of webform DIR-3 KYC.

Ensure that at least one eform 'Form No.DIR-3-KYC' has been filed against the DIN.

Check that the DIN is an approved DIN without a 'Payment incomplete,' 'Under processing,' or 'Approved' status for webform 'DIR-3 KYC web' in the current Financial Year.

In case the DIN status is deactivated, filing will be allowed only if the reason for deactivation is 'Non-filing of KYC in DIR-3 KYC.'

Verify the OTP entered for the mobile number and email ID.

Provide additional details as an optional attachment to the webform if space within any field is insufficient.

Note that no fees apply if the KYC application is filed before 30th September by a DIN holder allotted on or before 31st March of every year and with an 'Approved' DIN status.




2.1 Application Process for Form No. DIR-3-KYC(Web)

2.1.1 Initial Submission

Option 1(Refer Note 1): 

1. Access MCA homepage and log in with valid credentials.

2. Select "MCA services" and then "E-Filing."

3. Choose the "Company Forms Download" module.

4. Navigate to the header "DIN related filings."

5. Access "Verify Director's KYC Details (Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web))."

6. Fill up the application.

7. Save the webform as a draft (optional).

8. Submit the webform.

9. Upon submission, an SRN (Service Request Number) will be generated for future correspondence with MCA.

10. Pay fees if the application is for KYC of directors with a deactivated DIN status due to non-filing of KYC in DIR-3-KYC.

11. An acknowledgment will be generated.


Option 2:

1. Access MCA homepage and search for Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web) (Refer Note 3).

2. Log in to the MCA portal with valid credentials.

3. Fill up the application.

4. Save the webform as a draft (optional) (Refer Note 2).

5. Submit the webform.

6. Upon submission, an SRN will be generated for future correspondence.

7. Pay fees if the application is for KYC of directors with a deactivated DIN status due to non-filing of KYC in DIR-3-KYC.



1. In case Option 1 is selected, the user will have an option to either login immediately after accessing the MCA homepage, or login after selecting “Verify Director’s KYC. Details” in case the user is not already logged in.

2. The option to save the webform as a draft shall be enabled once the user enters the DIN.

3. In case Option 2 is selected, the user will have an option to either login immediately after accessing the MCA homepage or login after performing the website search




3.1 Specific Instructions to fill 'Form No. DIR-3 KYC(Web)' at Field Level

When filling 'Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web),' it is essential to follow specific instructions at the field level. Self-explanatory fields are not explained, but important fields that require detailed instructions are:

1. DIN of director: This field will be pre-filled based on the director's login ID or can be manually entered.

2. Personal mobile number: The country code and mobile number will be prefilled based on the entered DIN. The mobile number will be masked, displaying only the country code and the last two digits visible.

3. Send OTP: This button will be enabled after entering the DIN for verification of the mobile number through OTP. The OTP will remain valid for two hours.

4. Resend OTP: This button will be enabled one minute after sending the first OTP. Clicking it will send a new OTP to the user's mobile number.

5. Enter OTP for Mobile Number: This field will be enabled after requesting the OTP by clicking the 'Send OTP' button. Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number.

6. Verify OTP: Clicking this button will validate the OTP. Director's master data fields will be displayed only if the OTP is successfully validated.

7. Personal Email ID: Email id shall be valid and masked. It gets prefilled on the basis of DIN entered.

8. Director’s Name These fields shall be prefilled based on DIN from Director’s Master data.

9. Other Details displayed shall be as follows:

a) Father’s Name

b) Citizen of India

c) Nationality

d) Resident of India

e) Date of Birth

f) Gender

g) Income Tax PAN

h) Aadhaar Number

i) Voter’s Identity Card Number

j) Passport Number

k) Driving License Number

l) Permanent Residential Address

m) Present Residential Address

10. Proceed Button: On click of this button, a pop window will open with text message. In case any changes are required, please click on ‘Cancel’ button and file webform DIR-6 to update the information" 

11. Cancel Button:  On click of this button, a pop-up message will be shown to the user. "Any unsaved changes will be discarded. Do you want to continue". If user clicks on 'Yes', user is redirected to the application history and in case of 'No', user is redirected to the webform.

12. Save Button: On click of this button, the information provided in the webform will be saved.


3.2 Other instructions to fill 'Form No. DIR-3 KYC(Web)


1. Save Button:

Use the "Save" button to save the application as a draft webform at any given point before submitting.

The "Save" option is enabled only after entering the DIN.

Saving the webform allows for editing/updating until submission.

Previously saved drafts can be accessed later through the application history functionality.


2. Submit Button:

This is a mandatory field.

Clicking the "Submit" button auto-saves the details filled in the webform and verifies it. If errors are detected, the user will be taken back to the webform with relevant error messages.

If no errors are detected, the submission will be successful.




4.1 Fee rules

1. No Fees Applicable: Application for KYC filed before 30th September by DIN holders allotted DIN on or before 31st March of every year, with an 'Approved' DIN status.

2. INR 5000 Only: Application for KYC of Directors with a deactivated DIN status due to non-filing of KYC in DIR-3 KYC.

Note: Fee payable is subject to changes in accordance with the Act, rules, regulations, or notifications issued.


4.2 Processing Type

Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web) will be processed in Straight Through Processing (STP) mode and taken on record electronically without further processing. Ensure all particulars in the webform are correct. There is no provision for resubmission of this webform.


By following these instructions and guidelines, you can successfully complete the Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web) application for verifying the director's KYC details. Make sure to read all the instructions carefully, provide accurate information, and pay attention to any specific requirements to ensure a smooth submission process.


Conclusion: Staying compliant with the Companies Act and maintaining accurate KYC details is crucial for directors. By following this comprehensive guide, directors can confidently navigate the process of filing Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web). Understanding the laws governing the webform, accessing the application, following instructions for filling the webform, and paying attention to key points for successful submission ensures a streamlined compliance process. Simplify your compliance journey and validate your director's KYC details effectively with Form No. DIR-3 KYC (Web). Instabizfilings can assist to complete your crucial compliance with smooth. If you are looking for professional assistance in completing the DIR-3 KYC (Web) form, Instabizfiling can provide you with the support you need. With their expertise and experience in handling such compliance requirements, Instabizfiling can help ensure a smooth and easy process for filing your director's KYC details. By availing their services, you can benefit from their knowledge of the form, guidance on filling it accurately, and assistance in meeting the necessary requirements. Trust Instabizfiling to simplify the DIR-3 KYC (Web) filing process and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.


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