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Learn how to Start Up exciting Small Business in India and generate stable Income

January 29, 2019 by Team Instabizfilings

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Are you looking for Business ideas for starting-up and are confused?


Business sounds fascinating and to start the entrepreneur journey is more of an excitement for many people waiting on the sidelines. If you are thinking of starting your new business in 2021 then let me also tell you starting a business can be a daunting affair as there are so many contingencies from covid to lockdown etc.


I am here to make your entrepreneurship journey easy. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about how people consume products and services. Hence, instead of thinking big businesses, let’s re-channelize our thoughts and focus on businesses where there is a need and can be started without too much of a hassle and maybe overriding existing business frameworks. Here are some 10 exciting small business ideas, where wannapreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs can try their luck and experienced the thrilling journey of entrepreneurship in 2021.


1. Information Business- Create and Sell Digital Courses.

This business idea is currently hot property. Unlike traditional courses, Digital Courses are not a tangible product. The margin in this business in very high. Everyone is into making courses with prerecorded videos and then selling on their own website or third-party websites on commission basis. Before diving headlong into this business idea, the trick is to find out what is in demand and what is useful enough in your course that they will be willing to pay for your course. Creating and selling digital courses requires one time investment and recurring advertising cost. It is a freedom business model.


2. Freelance Copywriter

Freelance copy writing is a great business to run. If you are good with words and having a basic knowledge of marketing helps you to establish yourself as freelance Copy Writer. You can write blogs, Press Releases and Web content for the companies and in return you would be paid for your services. The main advantage of Freelance Copy Writer is that you can operate from the comfort of your home or say any place for that matter if you are travelling.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is process by which affiliate or advertiser earns commission for marketing another person’s or company’s product. If you are good at marketing and you want to make a quick buck and you don’t have your own product then in that case you can resort to affiliate marketing. The sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another. You as an affiliate can market or advertise for as many products of different companies and earn commission. The primary thing in this business is that you should should be good at marketing or advertising.


4. Food Truck

As rent in major cities across the country increases, it is becoming more difficult for specialty food artisans to have their own shop in the middle of the town where their customers are more likely to be.

Food Trucks provide the great solution as you can park your food truck near local events, gardens, public places etc., wherever you are likely to draw your crowd. It gives you great mobility and ease on pockets. Food truck helps you to take your home-made recipes to hit road and develop a thriving business. Do check your local laws and state requirement in respect of permissions and food safety before you start the business of food truck.


5. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent are those people who deal in buying and selling of residential or commercial property on behalf of their clients. They are paid commission for successful completion of the deal. You can help your client to find their dream property that fits their budget. It is great to start real estate agency and you can operate from your home and for meeting your client you can choose café or hotels etc. Basic knowledge of real estate and networking is required.


6. Graphic /Logo Designer

Every micro, small and medium enterprise needs a business logo to start their business with. Once the business is started, they need banners or promotional materials to promote their brand in the market. If you are creative and can organize content into a visually pleasing format you can start business being a Graphic Designer. As a graphic designer you can help businesses in designing logo, flyers, visiting card, social media post etc. It can be started with minimum infrastructure which includes laptop, desk and few designing software’s.


7. Digital Marketing

Every business every corner of the world will have their basic business website. As the importance of internet keeps growing, businesses understand the importance of marketing themselves in the Digital World. As a Digital Marketer you can help business with following activities:

a) Search Engine Optimization

b) Google Ads

c) Social Media Marketing

d) Display Ads

e) Managing their FB, Insta and LinkedIn Accounts

Digital marketing is very important in today’s world and it helps to grow your brand and business. Digital Marketing services are always in demand and small business would always prefer outsourcing rather than having a costly in-house team. It is also one of the business opportunities that gives you freedom to work from home.


8. Photography

You can start business of photography if you love camera and lightning. Even though you are a beginner you can learn photography and can be a professional photographer if you have a passion to pursue it. It is one of the low-cost business ideas. Set up your website and upload some of the finest clicks for the audience to check out your work. You can master in any of the specialties below to build a strong photography career:

a. Portrait Photography

b. Photo Journalism

c. Fashion Photography

d. Still life Photography

e. Sport Photography

f. Editorial Photography

g. Architectural Photography


9. Consulting Business

If you have been in a business world for long time and you are knowledgeable and passionate about a particular domain, then starting a consulting business in that particular domain is a great option. You can be paid for being a speaker in various corporate events and seminars. You can start your consulting agency and can consult smaller business and can charge fees in return. You can grow your consulting and advisory business and can hire Employees or Virtual assistants to take it to the next level.


10. Online Book Keeping Services

Every business requires book keeping service. If you are knowledgeable and well versed with the technology then you can offer book keeping service online. By operating this business, you have full autonomy of running your own business. You can learn various software’s which allows you to maintain books of accounts online and then you can offer book keeping service to small business. Small business does prefer to outsource their book keeping services to professionals rather than having a costly in-house accountants. All these business ideas shared above may sound a tad easy to initiate when it comes to capital, logistics, manpower and other infrastructure, but it sure will need a steely resolve to get it activated. Nevertheless, you must always take cognizance of following things before starting any business to make the journey more fulfilling

a) Look for your passion

b) Focus on niche

c) Start small and sustainable

d) Legal perspective of the business

e) Scale as you grow


For any Business solutions, consulting or  mentorship, please reach out to us.

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