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Resignation of Auditor

Resignation of Auditor:- Every auditor may resign from the post of the Auditor by giving a resgination letter to the Company stating the reason for resignation.

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Scope of Work:

  • 1. Preparation of Board Meeting documents for resignation of auditor; 


    2. Preparation of documents for attachment in e-forms;


    3. Preparation of e-forms;


    4. Arranging for Certification of e-forms;


    5. Resubmission of e-forms, if any.


The Board may fill any casual vacancy in the office of an auditor; but while any such vacancy continues, the remaining auditor or auditors, if any, may act: Provided that where such vacancy is caused by the resignation of an auditor, the vacancy shall only be filled by the company In general meeting.

The auditor has to submit the resignation letter and form ADT-3 to the company and ROC. A board meeting will be organised with all the directors to effect the resignation. The company should obtain a consent letter from the new auditor firm under Section 139 and 141 of the Companies Act 2013.

No, it is not possible. Resignation is a choice of the employee and employer cannot take it away by undue influence. The employer is bound to accept resignation letter. If he does so, criminal action is liable against him.

At the end of the maximum duration of 10 years, a tendering process should be organised by the audited entity. The Regulation lays down requirements for the selection and appointment of the auditor.

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